GOD ALMIGHTY is revealed to the world through the Divine Soul of perfect man. It has been acknowledged that God is Omnipresent. Omnipotent and Omniscient. in other words He is Sath, Chith and Ananda or ‘Satchitananda’. Let us try to understand Him through His Omnigrace.

First, we must know that One Supreme God is eternally existing and bringing out Himself from the innermost. The Outermost boundless space filled Form is external, while the innermost is to be experienced by His Gracious knowledge that Blossoms in the Soul of perfect man.

What is Soul? Indeed, the Soul is but a small particle of Divine Form Itself, This Soul-realization dawns in man only when he really comes to live in the Soul abode itself. Before reaching this knowledge of Soul plane, one is to pass on all the material, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual planes. This spiritual knowledge comes out only in the human life. That too at the full fledged state. To get this spiritual knowledge the man has been living on this earth practically for long time. In his sensuous life on material and physical planes, what he obtained is only an illusive experience through his deluded mind. He reached the soul plane only through some inward concentrated contemplation.

From this divine soul plane a person was able to get some intuitional yogic power, which made him to perform many miraculous wonders. All these spiritual powers and attainments made him to live a philosophical or religious life and finally to merge in and disappear from this worldly stage. This end was thought as the salvation or emancipation of the human life. Till now this world is following these ways and means.

A new gracious light of Truth lit up in the Soul has brought out the revelation in true Divine persons. When the Divinity is observed from the Soul abode itself, the man is able to find all the defects of all the past life’s attainment. All the powers of faiths, beliefs, rites, rituals and the achievements of yogis and present day parapsychologists have not shown the right path way for man to attain Godhead.

In fact, the universal God Himself is now acknowledged as the Soul of man and accordingly he is intended to live for ever in oneness of Him. Man is not different from or alien to God and he is not brought up to this earth to suffer and die at last. Till now the man was holding himself as a perishable bodily being, and therefore he taught that he must follow some path of virtue, and finally he should relinquish the mortal call to get into eternal rest in God. Now this is found to be not at all true and also not the real command of God to man. Without knowing little about our Divine Nature we are coming and passing away aimlessly.

The All merciful God Himself has now made us to know to live in Oneness of Him. We feel now the true practical meaning of non-dualism or Advaitha. This real Divinity of man was first revealed in the Soul form of Our Saint Ramalingar of Vadalur. By the grace of Arutperunjothi, he realized and lived in extending the Divinity in practical sense from the Inner abode to fill his whole being. Thus he has now become the Inner Light blossoming and filling in him completely. After the Blessed and Blissful experience, he brought out the Temple of true Wisdom (Tamil – Sathiya Gnana Sabhai) the free Food Institution for fellow people (Tamil – Sathiya Dharma Saalai) and Mansion of Divine attainment (Tamil – Siddhi Valaaham). By these we are all aided and guided for that higher attainment.

God Supreme of infinite Grace is ever One and one only, And He alone is working through all souls in all places at all times. So, He exposed from within the soul of Ramalinga Swamigal, in the meantime, He has really come out in the Souls of all. But because of our unripeness and wordily attachments, we are not turning inwardly to make our life anew, Most of the people are all running after sensuous life of deluded enjoyments and pleasures.

This humble self turned to the call of the Vallalar now. A very small fraction of his truth has dawned on me and this has brought me here to reveal all these truths. In the first instance I was initiated to the place of wisdom (Tamil – Gnana Kottam) on an auspicious day in May, 1929. From that time itself, I was helped by the head of the Divine spot to move on in the progressive path, without turning to the other side. In the following three decades, the entire time was spent in devotion and meditation to get true enlightenment. In these thirty long years I live in so called hibernation (seclusion) along with the Swamigal. In 1953, the Divine guide or Guru merged in Trance of Samadhi.

From that moment, the Supreme Lord began to work to the upliftment of all souls coming in and around me. The Arutperunjothi revealed through Arutprakasam has become the Supreme “D A E I O U” extending from the innermost of each and every soul to make any aspirant Eternal Blissful. With the mission of indwelling DAEIOU I have been commissioned to work here and elsewhere. With this divine intention on the sixtieth year of my initiated life, and to celebrate the true commemorative Souvenir of the Satya Gnana Sabapathy Swamigal, this small book is released.

Let this small publication bring enlightenment to all devout souls. If any aspirant really undertakes this Divine Life of ‘DAEIOU’ it will help him to live an everlasting Life of Bliss.

This book has been divided into two parts, with five headings for each. In the first half of this publication, the work of divinity in the creation of this world till date has been dealt with in detail. The old Siddhas and Divine personages were all put on the fringe outside the Soul abode, and hence they were able to get many Divine achievements, but not endowed to live in Oneness of Him to lead the humanity with the Eternal life of Bliss. Such a never ending life is now sponsored by the Divine Arutprakasam in the Inner Light form of DAEIOU. This aspect has been dealt with second part of this Book.

In all the annual Guru pujas, some inner divine instructions are put forth in the form of a lecture (talk) which lasted for an hour. Subsequent to the rendering Prasadams are offered to all those attending the functions. Though many have attended this annual feature they have taken this as a routine in their life and not keen in realizing the truth and getting into the path of DAEIOU to gain the Blissed Life of Bliss. To implement this life’s intention more vigorously, this booklet has been brought out now. May this enlighten all who come into the Inner Sanctum Sancturam of Divine ‘DAEIOU’.

Our DAEIOU God is not the outcome of mere imagination or speculation. It is the true revelation of natural Divinity, eternally working from the Innermost of all. Though this whole space-filled unimaginable body is One inseparable form, it is fully realizable through the Soul of a perfect man. He is acknowledging that One Supreme Divine Being governs the whole universe from within him. And like this, He can be experienced through any Divinised developed Soul. Hence One Single God is practically experienced by innumerable souls every where at any time. To the outer world it will appear as if One God has become many. No, He is ONE only, but by His Omnigrace attribute, He is expressing through many souls for the purpose of bringing out His final Truth in a full-fledged perfect man of Grace. He will be known to the world as God man of Eternal Blissful life. Such a Blessed life of endless Bliss may come upon numberless souls in all times to come. This One God experience will be practicable by each one separately because that is the Grace attribute of Him living simultaneously one in all.

So far all the men of wisdom lived upon this planet with some higher knowledge of Divinity by which they were able to obtain some occult power to perform many miraculous deeds. The old siddhas of orient lived for a long life with many wonderful attainment. The western parapsychologists acquired some power through Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, psychometry and premonition and these were demonstrated to the public.

All the above achievements of all were not taken to heart by the true man of Grace Divine. Therefore our Swamigal though obtained the occult power very easily-yet he never wished to be a Master of spiritual Scientist in the public eye, he only earnestly wished to obtain the full Grace of Almighty to put all on the higher plane of Bliss. The supreme Blissful eternal life to man is to be sought from the Innermost. To this new divine Life, one has to realize the Soul entity of God and man, as one Being. From the Divine Soul particle alone, we have been evolved into this world to live and got all the experiences of inner and outer life. In our life from the sensuous plane, we were unable to get a true Blissful life of permanency. Such a permanent Divine Blessed life is to be lived from the Soul abode only. Because the Soul atom is really one and the same, the infinite form of both God and Man are also one and the same. At the time of perfection of DAEIOU in the human life, this Divine Truths revealed to the man of full development. In this final stage of DAEIOU Life, both the inner and outer become One endless Life continuum. This is the continuous life of Divine Bliss in the Universe.

Nowadays, I am devoting the entire time trying to make the aspiring souls to understand the truth of Divine Soul. When we comprehend our real divine Self, we will be set up on that Soul plane from where alone, one is to be living an endless Blissful Blessed Life. This kind of Blessed Life only is to bring peace and plenty to the whole humanity. The entire world community should come to live under the Blessed Life of Divine DAEIOU. This is the only aim and the constant prayer of the humble soul.

The Author.


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