Mind makes the man. He is the only most wonderful creation in this universe. Through heredity and environment the man has developed very much on the mental sides. He is approaching the most powerful aspect in the innermost of everything.

The atomic energy from the atom is an external discovery of the modern scientist. In the same manner the Soul power or atomic energy from the soul atom itself has been realized and experienced to certain degree by the yogis in our land (India).We have known their attainments to some extent. The yogi got some soul power by which he performed some wonder acts and gained some fame and finally merged in. He thought the life of merging in and renouncing the outer one is intended for him. By doing so he lost body his life along with all his experience of the Divine Self. The material scientist is nearing the inner force of material atom. His attainment is known to the world now. When the material is turns inwardly then he can discover the soul force in the innermost. To this inner research, mind must become pure and the spirit of divine love should be developed.

Now the man is to make a new life from the inner soul abode, because he acknowledges the inner Divine Self and himself as one and the same. It is the eternal Truth that Divine Self only is expressing out from the innermost of all atoms in the whole universe. Hence, when self comes to live in the world through the unselfish man, his outer body too becomes divine form and lives eternally. This is the experience of our Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar of Vadalur in South India. This Eternal life to man is to be confirmed to every one by the Grace of the Indweller. This endless life to man is the right of Divine Grace Infinite. So death is not because intended born to live man he is for Eternal Life.

The Author,
Sathiya Gnana Kottam,
Dindigul (South India) INDIA.


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